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    • 05 April 2016
    • Автор: Cerewa36

    Look Cthulhu in different parts of the body like octopus, dragon and man: judging from the bas-relief from Anthony Wilcox, the hero of "Call of Cthulhu" , and a mysterious ancient statue from the story, the monster has the head c tentacles, humanoid body, covered in scales and a pair of vestigial wings. Description from the fictional journal of Gustaf Johansen adds that the living Cthulhu and squishes the goo expires and his body is green, gelatinous and miraculously regenerates with the observed speed. His exact height is not specified; Johansen likened monster "walking grief" , more than "legendary creature" ; Cthulhu (floating or running along the bottom) "vestimenta over unclean foam, like feed demon Galleon" .

    Cthulhu belongs to the genus of the Ancients. He lies in his sleep, like death, on top of the underwater city of R'lyeh in the middle of the Pacific ocean. "With the right position of the stars" R'lyeh appears above water, and Cthulhu is released.
    Cthulhu is able to influence the minds of human beings, but his abilities are muffled layer of water, so he was subject to remain only dreams. In "the Call of Cthulhu" dreams, let Cthulhu, greatly dismayed at seeing them, and sometimes lead to madness. Cthulhu is an alien, totally alien to human nature of the creature, and the whole history of mankind there is only a moment of his dream.

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