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    • 05 April 2016
    • Автор: Cerewa36

    She was born March 6, 1937 in a small village in the Yaroslavl region. Education in the biography of Valentina Tereshkova, was launched in 1945 in Yaroslavl school. After seven years of school was working in a factory, and in parallel with this he studied at night school. Next educational stepping stone in the biography Tereshkova was the College of light industry. While teaching there, Valentina worked in a textile factory.

    In 1962 became one of the contenders for the candidacy of the first woman to go into space. Took a lot of training – parachute, the weightlessness, the resistance to flight. June 16, 1963 in his biography of Valentina Tereshkova space flight (48 revolutions around the planet Earth for 3 days) on the ship "Vostok-6". After the flight he graduated from the air force Academy named after Zhukovsky.

    Since 1966, conducts active public work. He was national Deputy of the USSR, Chairman of many boards. Since 1963 he has been the honored master of parachuting. Chronology of military ranks in the biography of Valentina Tereshkova is as follows: Lieutenant, captain – 1963, major 1965, Lieutenant Colonel – 1967, Colonel – 1970, major General – 1995. Resigned in 1997. Has many awards, medals.

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