• 04 February 2016
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    • Автор: Dianavishnevskaya23

    Write a short report about the events in Russia. Use the following questions to guide you.
    1. Was there a civil war in Russia?
    2. When did it happen?
    3. Who fought against whom?
    4. What was the cause of the war?
    5. Do you remember any names of the war leaders?
    6. When did the war end?
    7. Who won?
    8. What happened after the war? Did the country change? Did the political system change? Were these changes good or bad?

    • Ответ оставил: Секрет85
    The Russian civil war spanned the period 1917 to 1921. Conflict was being between the newly formed Bolshevik government  the anti Bolshevik forces in Russia.the cause ...
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