• 04 February 2016
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    Помогите пожалуйста перевести текст

    The Tooth Witch collected the baby teeth .She put them in a bag.One day she lost the bag.All the witches said: Abra Cadabra, you help her. Every night the Tooth Witch and Abra Cadabra flew on the broomstick and collected teeth. One night Abra Cadabra asked: " Why don't we give children gifts ? "We don't give gifts. We take. We are witches." Abra Cadabra started to give a small gift instead of a tooth. One night she asked the Witch: "What do you with the teeth?" " l put them into flowerbeds and flowers grow into rocks. Abra Cadabra didn't like this. When the witches sat on the Moon , Abra Cadabra threw the teeth across the sky. And the stars appeared. Her dress became white . And she got a wand instead of a broom. She became a fairy. The Tooth Fairy. Now she was happy!!!

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    Зубная ведьма собирала молочные зубы .Она ставила их в сумку.Однажды она потеряла сумку.Все ведьмы сказали Абракадабре помочь ей. Каждую ночь Зубная ведьма и Абракадаб...
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