• 06 February 2016
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    Составьте предложения, используя слова, данные в скобках
    Не wasn't hungry (I just /have/ lunch)
    1. Mary wasn't at home when I arrived (she/just/go out) 2. They come to the cinema late. (The film/already/begin) 3. I invited my brother to dinner last night but he couldn't come {he/go on business urgently). 4. I knew the actor well. (I/ see / him / in / many plays) 5. My mother was busy in the kitchen. (She/not/ cook/ dinner/ yet) 6. Robert was late for lessons. (he/ miss/ the bus)

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    He just has had a lunch. She just has gone out. The film has already began. He has gone on business urgently. I have seen him in many plays. She hasn't cooked the dinn...
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