• 06 February 2016
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    • Автор: Izuevich

    V. Use the correct tense-forms of the verbs in brackets.
    One day my friend Holmes and I were smoking in our room after supper when Mr Lestrade came in. He often 1 (visit) us as he 2 (can) always 3 (get) some help from Holmes, and my friend 4 (listen) with interest to all his stories and 5(be) ready 6(give) him advice. "Dear gentlemen," Lestrade 7 (say), "I 8 (like) 9 (discuss) with you a very strange case, though perhaps it 10 (interest) Dr Watson more than you, Mr Holmes. There 11 (be) a man,
    who 12 (hate) Napoleon so much that he always 13(break) his statues. Some months ago a doctor 4 (buy) two statues of Napoleon and after that he

    15(go) to the country when he 16 (come) back he 17(see) they 18 (disappear)." "Your story 19 (begin) 20 (interest) me,"

    21(say)' Holmes.

    • Ответ оставил: LeowTeam
    1) visits, 2) can, 3) get, 4) listens, 5) is, 6) give, 7)says, 8) like, 9) discussing, 10) interests, 11) is, 12) hates, 13) breaks, 14) bought, 15) went, 16) came, 17...
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