• 07 February 2016
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    1. Mike found himself а _______ job somewhere out of town. a) safer b) more safe c) more safer d) safest
    2. We prefer the Palm Beach though it is _______ from the center. a) the farther b) farthest c) the farthest d) furthest
    3. This detailed map is ________ the atlas. a) more useful as b) more useful like c) more useful than d) usefuller as
    4. Safari parks are ________ places of all to keep animals. a) better b) the best c) most better d) more better
    5. This computer is ________ advanced than the old model. a) farther b) far most c) far d) far more
    6. They talked about ____________ developments in agriculture. a) the least b) the latter c) the latest d) the late
    7. The situation is_____________ now and there isn't an easy solution. a) less more complicated b) many more complicate c) much more complicated d) farther more complicated
    8. People stay indoors during the _________ part of the day. a) most hottest b) more hotter c) most hotter d) hottest

    • Ответ оставил: RussiaCat080705
    1. a2. c3. c4. b5. a6. c7. c8. d
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