• 09 February 2016
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    4. Grammar.
    Exercise 1 Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or the present continuous.
    1. I drive/am driving home now. I should be there in about 10 minutes.
    2. She reads/is reading a new book every week. It’s her favourite pastime.
    3. Our best friends come/are coming over for dinner tomorrow night.
    4. Alex and Mike usually rent/are renting a DVD every Friday night.
    5. Our boss flies/is flying to Milan on Wednesday.
    6. She works/is working on her school project at the moment.
    7. They go/are going to work by bus every weekday.
    8. She works/is working as a nurse at Memorial Hospital.

    • Ответ оставил: Evsegneeva04
    1 am drivng 2 reads 3 are coming 4 rent 5 is flying 6 is working 7 go 8 works
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