• 09 February 2016
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    • Автор: Оле12

    Пожалуйста помогите раскрыть скобки!
    это First Conditional.
    a) If you
    (help) me with my homework, I
    (finish) it in time to go to the cinema.
    b) If it
    (not/rain), the students
    (practice) sport in the playground.
    c) Jane
    (come) home early if she
    (not/be) very busy at work.
    d) Our teacher
    (be) pleased if we
    (do) our homework.
    e) If Robert
    (play) football with us, we
    (win) the match.

    • Ответ оставил: Evsegneeva04
    A) help, will finishb) doesn`t rain, will practicec) will come, is notd) will be, doe) plays, will win
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