• 09 February 2016
    • Математика
    • Автор: Dashabinnid

    Упр. 113. Вставьте much, many, little или few.

    1. My brother is a young teacher. Every day he spends ... time preparing for his lessons. 2. I know I very ... about this writer. It is the first book I am reading. 3. The pupils of our class ask ... questions at the lesson. They want to know everything. 4. You do not make ... mistakes in your spelling. Do you work hard at it? —Oh, yes, I do, I work very .... 5. Does your sister read ...?-- Yes, she does. And your brother? -- Oh, he doesn't. He has so ... books, but he reads very ... . 6. Have you ... work to do today? -- No, not very ... . 7. Walk quicker, please. We have very ... time. 8. I am sorry to say, l have read very ... books by Walter Scott.

    • Ответ оставил: Juliette3530
    1 much2 little3 many4 many. much5 much. many. little6 much. much7 little 8 few
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