• 21 February 2016
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    Выберите предложения, в которых имеются придаточные-дополнительные;:

    Выберите один ответ.
    1. People buy goods (товары) with money they earn.
    2. How the above questions are answered will depend on the type of economic system.
    3. Workers must concentrate on the tasks they do.
    4. Whether individuals and society as a whole should always choose the same amount of education is a question in welfare economics.
    5. Problems can also occur when one stage of production (производство) depends on another stage. Неверно
    6. The conclusion from Table 12-3 is that women get paid less than men for the identical job.
    7. These differences can be connected in the way we have already discussed.
    8. Another difference is that resources in planned economies belong to the state.
    9. Economics analyses what, how, and for whom society produces.
    10. The first reason is that different groups may get different shares (доли) of the high-paid jobs.

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    1, 3, 5, 7 .....................................
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