• 21 February 2016
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    1. Many men preceded Newton in the field of mechanics, perhaps the most outstanding being Galileo. 2. Red phosphorus being a more stable form, its reactions are much less violent. 3. The fuel exhausted, the engine stopped. 4. Probably the first metals used by man were gold, silver, and copper, these metals being found in nature in the native or metallic state. 5. Electrons moving through a wire, electrical energy is generated. 6. Mars has two satellites, Deimos ("Horror") and Phobos ("Fear"), both discovered during the favourable opposition of 1877. 7. A magnet being broken in two, each piece becomes a magnet with its own pair of poles. 8. Many technical and scientific problems having been solved, the first space flight could be realized. 9. An electron leaving the surface, the metal becomes positively charged. 10. The plant supplied with good raw materials, the quality of products has been much improved

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    Многие мужчины предшествовала Ньютона в области механики, пожалуй, самым выдающимся будучи Галилео.Красный фосфор будучи более стабильную форму, ее реакции гораздо мен...
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