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    Ответе пожалуйста.
    1) Выберите правильный вариант ответа. Choose the correct variant:
    1. Do not drink coffee before you go to bed. You _____ sleep.
    a) will not
    2. We _____ (die) if we _____ (not get) help soon!
    a)die; get
    b)will die; get
    c)will die; do not get
    3. I am going away for a few days. I am leaving tonight, so I _____ be at home tomorrow.
    a)will not
    4. If you _____ (not study), you _____ (fail) the test.
    a)study; will fail
    b)do not study; will fail
    c)do not study; will not fail
    5. Are you ready yet? – No yet. I _____ be ready in five minutes.
    a) will not
    6. I do not feel very well this evening. – Well, go to bed early and you _____feel better.
    a) will not
    7. If you _____ (look) in the fridge, you _____ (find) some cold drinks.
    a)look; will find
    b)look; find
    c)do not look; will find
    8. It is Bill's birthday next Monday. He _____ be 25.
    a) will not
    9. I am sorry I was late this morning. It _____ happen again.
    a)will not
    10. If there _____ (be) no oil in the engine, the car _____ (break) down.
    a)was; will break
    b)Is; will break
    c)Is not; will break
    11. If _____ this evening, do not wait for me.
    a)I am late
    b)I will be late
    c)I would late
    12. If he _____ (save) all his money, he _____ (be able to go) on holiday to Canada.
    a)save; will be able to go
    b)will saves; will be able to go
    c)saves; will be able to go
    13. I _____ (lend) you my umbrella if you _____ (need) it.
    a) will lend; need
    b)lend; will need
    c)am lend; need
    14. It _____ rain, so you do not need to take an umbrella.
    a)will not
    15. You ________ on your test if you do not study.
    a)will not do well
    b)do not do well
    c)do well
    16. The sea level _____ (rise) if the planet _____ (get) hotter.
    a)will not rise; gets
    b)will rise; gets
    c)will rise; would gets
    17. If you _____ (eat) your sandwiches now, you _____ (not have) anything for lunch!
    a)eat; will not have
    b)eat; will have
    c)will not eat; have
    18. I do not want this banana. - Well, I am hungry. _____ it.
    a)I will eat
    b)I will not eat
    19. You _____ (be) safe in an accident if you _____ (wear) your seatbelt.
    a)be; will wear
    b)will be; wear
    20. I _____ (not come) with you if you _____ (not bring) John!
    a)will not come; do not bring
    b)do not come; will not bring
    c)will come; do not bring

    • Ответ оставил: пушок404
    1 a, 2 c, 3a, 4 b, 5 c, 6 c, 7 a, 8 c, 9 a, 10 b, 11 a, 12 c, 13 a, 14 a, 15 a, 16 a, 17 a, 18 a, 19 b, 20 a
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