• 28 February 2016
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    From an early age I dreamed of any profession, sometimes - not even for one, but several. Over time I began to think more seriously: "What do I still want to be?", Because the profession is chosen for life. It is important for me that my profession was interesting, well-paid and rewarding for the people around me.

    I love animals, I love when they are funny, playful, full of strength and energy. So I decided to statveterinarnym doctor. What attracted me to this profession? I'll try to explain. Firstly, veterinarian job is very interesting, varied and exciting. In my opinion, it can never get bored or boring. A veterinarian is a very important profession, because it determines the life of a living being. It's great to help our little pets, to save their lives, how often do they

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    С раннего возраста я мечтал о какой-либо профессии, иногда - даже не один, а несколько. Со временем я начал более серьезно думать: "Что я все еще хочубыть? ", Потому ч...
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