• 28 February 2016
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    • Автор: Romashova2010

    1 My hair is dirty. I…..wash it.

    a)must b) have to c) should

    2 The city museum is very interesting. You…..visit it.

    a)could b) must c) have to

    3 I eat too much sweets. I really…..stop.

    a)must b)should c)don t have to

    4 She doesn t look well. I think she…..go to the doctor

    a)should b)must c)has to

    5 we decided not to go to the countryside. You…..get up early tomorrow

    a)shouldn t b)don t have to c) shouldn t

    6 I can t buy a drink. I haven t got……money

    any b) some c)no

    7 There are…..beautiful flowers in the garden.

    Much b) any c) some

    8 Do you drink…..tea?

    a)many b) much c) few

    9 My father knows……about economics.

    Much b) some c) many

    10 I drink…..coffee. I don t like it.

    Some b) very few c) very little

    11 Warn milk helps you to go to……

    Go b)write c)sleep

    12 Hot chicken soup is good for…..

    Cough b) burn c) toothache

    • Ответ оставил: Ааааааааааааааааааа6
    1,a 2,c 3a 4b 5b 6a 7c 8b 9a 10c 11c 12a
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