• 29 February 2016
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    Androcles and the Lion.
    A very big and very strong lion lives on a mountain. Every night he goes down to the river to drink some water. One evening the lion falls into a thorny bush. " Ouch! " he says. " I've got a thorn in my foot." At this moment, a poor slave called Androcles appears. " Kind man, can you help me?" says the lion and holds up his paw to Androcles . " Yes, of course," says Androcles. " But quickly. My master is looking for me! " Androcles kneels down and pulls the thorn out.
    Soon after, Androcles's master catches him and sends him to fight with a lion in front of the Emperor. Androcles is very scared. The lion comes out of the cage and runs to Androcles. The lion stops in front of Androcles and rolls over on his back with all four feet in the air. How can that be? On yes. It's the lion from the mountain! It cannot hurt Androcles. The Emperor is so surprised. He sets them both free. Androcles and the lion go back to the mountain and live happily ever after.

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    АНДРОКЛ И ЛЕВОчень большой и сильный лев живет в горах. Всякий раз ночью он спускается к реке попить воды. Однажды лев свалился в колючий кустарник. "Ой!" - вскрикнул ...
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