• 06 March 2016
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    • Автор: VikushaAnanasik

    Fill in the correct form of the verb. e.g. First, letters are collected from post boxes. 1 First, letters (collect) from post boxes. 2 Then they (take) to the post office. 3 Then the addresses (read) and the letters are sorted. In many countries the postcodes (read) by machines and the letters (sort) by machines. 4 Then the letters for other places and countries (take) to the railway station and airport. 5 They (take) off the train during the night. l the next day (take) to a local post office. 6 There they (sort) again. 7 In the morning the letters (collect) by postmen and women and (deliver) to our homes and offices.

    • Ответ оставил: Vovadobrak
    2are taken3are read.are read.are sorted4are taken5are taken.are taken6are sorted7are collected.are delivered
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