• 06 March 2016
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    1 Make up new sentences. Use the complex object.
    She has to be grateful. They want it.
    Parents can be cool with children’s problems. Children expect it.
    He made a report. His teacher made him.
    Children have to behave well. Teachers would like it.
    Parents can’t treat Tom like a child. He doesn’t let them.
    2 Translate the sentences into English.
    Mark didn’t want his parents to punish him for it.
    They would like him to respect them.
    We don’t let them drive us mad.
    He makes her make up her mind.
    I don’t expect us to make friends.
    3 Fill in the gaps. Use do or make.
    She … me do homework.
    You mustn’t … so much noise.
    Could you … me a favour?
    My sister likes to … the shopping every day.
    He is a very rich man. He … much money.
    4 Make up sentences. Use complex object.
    She, made, he, do chores.
    They, not, want, we, make mistakes.
    Tom, would like, they, reach a compromise.
    The teacher, not, let, pupils, make noise.

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    1. They want her to be grateful2. Children expect their parents to be cool with their problems3. His teacher made him make a report4. Teachers would like children to b...
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