• 06 March 2016
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    First Certificate Language Practice Final Test
    1 Put each verb in brackets into a suitable verb form.
    0 While I (try) was trying to get my car started, a passing car stopped and the driver (offer) offered to help me.
    1 I (wait) ___________________________________ for you for the past hour! What (you do) ___________________________________ all this time?
    2 While I (walk) ___________________________________ to the bus-stop, I realised I (leave) ___________________________________ the cooker on.
    3 Why didn’t you phone me? If I (knew) ________________________________ you were ill, I (come) ___________________________________ to see you.
    4 Hello, Pat. I (phone) ___________________________________ to ask if you (do) ___________________________________ anything this Saturday.
    5 By the time Big Jim (become) ___________________________________ heavyweight boxing champion he (win) ________________________________ over thirty fights.
    6 I (not see) ___________________________________ you for ages. What (you do) ___________________________________ ?
    7 Hurry up! I (think) ___________________________________ you (be) ___________________________________ ready by now.
    8 If I (be) ___________________________________ you, I (not spend) ___________________________________ so much money.
    9 Danny’s train (arrive) ___________________________________ tomorrow evening at 6.00 so we (meet) ___________________________________ him at the station.
    10 Wish me luck! If I (get) ___________________________________ the job, I (let) ___________________________________ you know.

    • Ответ оставил: Vovadobrak
    1have been waiting.what were you doing......?2was walking.realised.had.left3if I knew you were ill I would come toseeyou.4I am phoning.are doing5became.had won6haven't...
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