• 06 March 2016
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    First Certificate Language Practice Final Test
    3 Look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct, and some have a word which should not be there. Tick each correct line. If a line has a word which should not be there, write the word in the space.
    Foreign travel
    Nowadays more and more people enjoy 0 
    foreign travel, and take up their holidays in 00 up
    the distant countries. However, not everyone 1 ______
    has had the same reason for travelling. Some 2 ______
    of people travel so that they can practise 3 ______
    foreign languages, or because they want to 4 ______
    visit well-known sights in other countries. 5 ______
    Lots of young people just want to have relax 6 ______
    and make up new friends. Personally, I would like 7 ______
    to travel abroad for the excitement! I have never 8 ______
    been visited to a foreign country before, but I have 9 ______
    been planning a trip around Europe by the train with 10 ______
    some friends of mine. As we are students, and so we can 11 ______
    buy cheaper tickets. One of my friends went on 12 ______
    having this kind of trip a few years ago. She stayed in 13 ______
    youth hostels, and managed to spend a very little 14 ______
    money. I think that this would be an exciting holiday. 15 ______

    • Ответ оставил: asylzhanik
    1. -2. had3. of4. -5. -6. have7. -8. the9. visited10. -11. and12. -13. having14. -15. -
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